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The Fawful and Midbus Chortle Game
(known as Gerakobits to Middobasu kera kera Warau Gēmu in Japan) is a video game for the Nintendon't Gii. It was made by some guy named TinyCastleGuy who is a genius, and made something that not even OwenLover134 could think of.


One day, Fawful and Midbus are having chortles beacause they kidnapped Princess Peach. Mario and Luigi burst in to save her. Fawful and Midbus beat them up easily. Then the angry Ghost People come and steal their Beans. Fawful throws and tantrum and gets Popple and Dr. Shroob. The three go an epic adventure to retrieve their beans.


  • Fawful's Castle
  • Fawfee Kingdom and Fawfee Castle
  • Jellyguin Land
  • Mother Robot's Robot Factory
  • Deep Dark Sewers
  • Bowser's Carnival
  • Peach's Castle
  • Minus World


Image Name HP EXP Coins Location
Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 10/10 0/0 0/0 Fawful's Castle
Star Mario Bros. 65/50 10/5 25/50 Fawfee Kingdom
BeanHead (first time) 50 100 43 Fawfee Kingdom
Fawfee 92 120 102 Fawfee Castle
Big Guy The Stilted's Brother 100 55 57 Jellyguin Land
Jellyguin King 120 300 121 Jellyguin Land
Longer Robot 132 500 95 Robot Factory
Mother Robot 150 1200 36 Robot Factory
BeanHead (second time) 150 15 500 Deep Dark Sewers
Scorpio and his Sister 175/112 200/49 25/495 Deep Dark Sewers
Weird Bowser and Bowser Jr. 225/160 500/400 17/412 Bowser's Carnival
Toad 225 400 102 Peach's Castle
Battle Armor BeanHead 275 1000 640

Peach's Castle

Princess Peach 300 1500 365 Peach's Castle
Powerup Monster 487 0 0 Minus World
Ghost Kingdom 1200 0 0 Minus World
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