The Made-Up Mario Wiki is a fanon wiki about the Mario-verse. There are a not-so-impresive 30 articles on this wiki since 2010 (I think). A non-existant game? Put it here. A fanmade character? Put it here. Fan comics or fan animations? Put 'em here. Info on the newest Mario game that was recently announced by Nintendo? Don't put it here. You should put it here instead.

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The Fawful and Midbus Chortle Game (known as Gerakobits to Middobasu kera kera Warau Gēmu in Japan) is a video game for the Nintendon't Gii. It was made by some guy named TinyCastleGuy who is a genius, and made something that not even OwenLover134 could think of.

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That's right, the founder of this wiki has returned and will post stuff here periodically. It's just like Sonic Generations! All we need now is Mario Generations.

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