Cookie Monster, hesitating before he deletes Cookies.

Cookie Monster is a cookie-aholic obsessed with cookies. He appears mainly on Sesame Street, but appears in Mario & Lugi: The False Adventure and in some Club Nintendon't comics.

Role in The False AdventureEdit

Cookie Monster eats Diddy Kong one day and goes to Sesame Street. The bros. follow him and beat him up.

Club Nintendon't ComicsEdit

Gebacks von KirbyEdit

Cookie Monster is a main character in Gebacks von Kirby. One day, he makes some cookies for Kirby. Mario tries one. However, Cookie Monster warns him not to, as they were made especially for Kirby. Mario then turns into a Kirby-like creature. Cookie Monster goes crazy and does not appear again until the end of the comic, where he is in Cookie Jail.

Mario's Durcheinander der Rechner

Quite the psychopath


In Mario's Durcheinander der Rechner, Cookie Monster buys a computer from Tinky Winky the Teletubby. After pressing a button, Mario and Yoshi are sucked into the computer. Cookie Monster tries to help, but gets distracted after pressing a button that asks him if he wants to remove Cookies from his browser. At the end of the comic, he throws the computer at an inoccent bystander.

Mario's Abenteuer der AnglegenheitEdit


Cookie Monster in Mario's Abenteuer der Anglegenheit

Cookie Monster has a very minor role in this comic, as Sonic's lawyer. His only line of dialog was: "Ich weiB es nich t. Ich bin hungrig." (Which translates to "I don't know. I'm hungry." in English)
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